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Adoption Fees

Kittens under 1 year: $125.00* or 2 for $200.00*

Cats 1 year and older: $75.00* or 2 for $125.00*


Puppies under 1 year: $425.00* and up**

Dogs: $325.00* and up**

Dogs 7 years and older: $300.00* and up**

Dogs Purebred or “designer breed”: $325 and Up**


All adoption fees include:

  • Spaying or neutering

  • Age-appropriate vaccinations

  • Deworming

  • Monthly flea and tick medication

**And up: If we have a pure breed or “designer breed,” fees can be increase at our discretion


Tibby & Tally

Tibby and Tally (formerly Annie)! Seriously the sweetest cats ever. We so appreciate all the work you do each day. Tibs and Tal are such a special part of our family thanks to you! 




He lives up to the name.. lol.. and is always in good spirits. Gentle giant, and a calm disposition. Gets along great with my older female lab, tug of war as well as wrestling lol. He’s very attached to my three kids, and they are very attached to him. He’s been a perfect match for out household and will have a long and happy life with us.  Thanks to all of you at the Blair Animal Shelter for all you do.”



I just wanted to send you guys a little message of thanks. Gus (Ashton) has been the perfect little addition to our family here. He is the biggest snuggle bug ever. Thanks for loving my little man until I got to.