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Lost and found

if you lost your pet/ found a pet

1. Contact us

Call our shelter at 402-533-2743 or send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name and contact information

  • Type of Animal        

  • Breed

  • Date lost/found

  • Location lost/found

  • Other Details

2. social media

Post a photo of your lost/found pet with the information on the Lost Pets of Washington County Facebook page.

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3. reach out

Consider contacting other area shelters in case your pet hitched a ride to a neighboring town!

Nebraska Humane Society

Dodge County Humane Society

Council Bluffs Animal Shelter


NOTICE: We are not licensed to pick up animals. Please contact Sheriff Dispatch 402-426-6866

Have you seen cats with ears like this?

These cats have been "ear-tipped" or "notched". This a surgical alternation showing that a free-living cat has been spayed or neutered.

These cats should never be re-trapped or brought to a shelter, unless sick. Instead, they should be left in their neighborhood to provide cat population control. Studies have shown by just being there, they prevent other cats from moving into the area. And, because they have been fixed, they will never have litters of kittens.

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